About Me

Hi! I’m Sanders Kern. I’m a graffiti artist. I’ve been at it for 2 decades now. I travel around the world creating murals and other pieces. My work has taken me across the US and throughout India and Southeast Asia. In my travels, I spend most of my time keenly observing local culture and ways of life for inspiration for my work. I embarked on my worldwide tour in 2017. Prior to that, a majority of my work was in the US. I love soaking in the atmosphere of local culture and gaining new perspectives.

While my first passion is graffiti, a close 2nd would be sports. Before going full-time into graffiti, I was an NCAA Division 1 basketball player. I love the creative expression that comes with sports, interpreted into the physical realm. A side benefit of my travels is I get to experience sports scenes around the world.

Through this blog, I seek to journal my travels and observations of the arts and sports scenes around the world.